Cycle to career success!

June 26, 2014

Are you a secondary school or tertiary student getting stressed about subject selection? Or perhaps you’re an adult experiencing career switch dilemma?


You can easily become overwhelmed by the important decisions you need to make. And that feeling can leave you in a rut and unable to make progress.


Don’t panic. I have a proven path to simplify your career decision-making and get you rolling.


Here’s what the cycle to career success looks like.


 self knowledge                                                                       changing workplace


career ideas                                                                            education and training



It’s a constantly evolving ball of knowledge. If I had fancy web tools, you’d see the arrows moving and interweaving with each other. It will keep growing and stay healthy if you feed it over the course of your working life.


Let’s take the first step towards understanding the career success cycle today. Let’s examine your self knowledge.


If you have a good level of self knowledge you:

  • make good choices (either jobs or study)

  • optimise your learning

  • can articulate what ‘type’ of person you are

  • identify what you struggle with (and develop strategies to effectively deal with the tough stuff)

  • relate well to others in a variety of situations.


Self knowledge is a scary concept for some people. If it unnerves you, just remember you know more about your self than you realise.


Here are some starting points:

  • What core skills do you have?

  • What do you like to do?

  • What things in your life motivate you?

  • Identify three of your strengths.


Building your self knowledge can take time. Be patient with yourself. And perhaps invest some quality time on your project of discovery by engaging the services of a professional.


A session with a career counsellor can help flesh out the self knowledge that is sitting just beneath the surface of your consciousness.


With some structure and confidence in your findings, you’ll be ready for the next step in the cycle – developing your career ideas!

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